Yamaha Sidewinder Front Bumper - Custom Built in Canada

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Yamaha Sidewinder Front Bumper


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Add next level protection to the front end of your Yamaha Sidewinder with our Remer’s Renderings Front Bumper.

This is a unique front end setup on these turbo’d sleds with the intercooler up front behind the weak stock front bumper.  Protect the front of your machine with our front bumper designed specifically for it.  Allowing solid mounting points, a more open front section for maximum airflow into the intercooler as well as our signature built in skid plate.  Considering our front bumper for your sidewinder, check out the install video link as it may answer any additional questions you may have.  

Materials Used:

6063 Bendable Aluminum Pipe
5053 3/16 Aluminum Plate

Building Process:

Discover the exceptional craftsmanship of our in-house workshop in the East Kootenay’s of British Columbia, Canada, where we exclusively create all our bumpers.

Setting us apart in the market, we proudly use 6063 pipe for bumper construction, a superior choice compared to the commonly used 6061 blend by other aftermarket companies.

Unlike 6061, known for its structural brittleness, 6063 is exceptionally strong and designed for bending. Its unique ability to absorb energy effectively provides superior strength while maintaining
flexibility. This crucial feature allows for top-notch bends during manufacturing, and in some cases make our front bumpers repairable after enduring forceful impacts.

Our aluminum plates undergo precision CNC cutting and meticulous TIG welding preparation, ensuring top-notch quality throughout.

Meticulously designed, engineered, and constructed to the highest standards, our front bumpers promise unparalleled durability and aesthetic appeal from every angle. Ride with confidence knowing you have the best in the industry.

Powder Coat:

Our standard practice involves in-house powder coating for our bumpers, but if you prefer, we can also provide raw aluminum bumpers upon request. In our workshop, we exclusively use Prismatic Powders products, ensuring top-notch quality. The most common colour-matched selection is listed above, but for more personalized options, you can explore additional custom colours on the Prismatic Powders website. Please note that custom colours are available upon request and may incur an additional cost.

All mounting hardware is included.

We proudly offer international shipping.


Black Jack, Semi Gloss Black, Gloss Black, Gloss White, Illusion Royal, Illusion Ruby



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