Polaris Axys rear snowmobile bumpers—Custom built in Canada

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Polaris Axys Rear Bumper


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Add next level protection to the tunnel of your Polaris Axys with our Remer’s Renderings Rear Bumper.

Our Axys Rear Bumper is a 3 piece design which includes CNC cut side panels and a handle assembly. This design allows for the handle assembly to mount over top of the side panels allowing the handle to be more forward, reducing overhang and drag on the back of the machine. There are two styles of side panels available, as well as two running board options. For the longer version of the side panels make sure you select the right running board option (800 or 850) to ensure the cut out lines up with the running boards.

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Materials Used:

6063 Bendable Aluminum Pipe
6061 3/16 Aluminum Plate

Building Process:

Every one of our bumpers are 100% built in house in our shop located in the East Kootenay’s of British Columbia, Canada. The aluminum plate is CNC cut and prepped for being tig welded. We only use 6063 bendable pipe, this allows for proper bending and much less stress to occur in the pipe during bending. Why does that matter? This particular blend of pipe allows for the bumpers to be repaired and bent straight if an aggressive hit occurs, with a much less chance of cracking happening.

Powder Coat:

We prefer to powder coat our bumpers in house, however we can send out raw aluminum bumpers upon request. We only use Prismatic Powders products in our shop and the most common colour matched selection is listed above. You can check out their website for other custom colour options which are available upon request and at an additional cost.

All mounting hardware is included.

Shipping available anywhere in North America

Weight 20 lbs
Dimensions 41 × 13 × 5 in

155 Full Length Panels (800), 155 Full Length Panels (850), 155 Short Panels, 163/165 Full Length Panels (800), 163/165 Full Length Panels (850), 163/165 Short Panels


Black Jack/Lowest Gloss, Candy Purple, Gloss Black, Gloss White, Illusion Ruby, KTM Orange II, Manta Green, Racer Red, Semi Gloss Black, Voodoo Blue



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